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The Side Match: Badminton Strikers!

Blue Pegasus Saga - Fairy Tail Side Story

With the shocking news of the guild master, every wizard was put into pressure. The Lunar Knights against the TriMens in a badminton match! Master has got to be kidding! “But,” opposed Kazuki, “Master, are.. Are you really serious? Us havin

g a match up with our superiors at our first meeting?” “I don’t see anything wrong with it,” Bob firmly spoke, “Anyway, it’s not a physical match so no one can get hurt.. Is there?” The Lunar Knights didn’t answer. Master Bob then instructed the TriMens to get their badminton gear and prepare for battle while the Lunar Knights waited.
The first match was Asami versus Eve. Both knows nothing yet about their opponent’s hand strength and was caution with their strategy. The signal horned and Asami did the first serve. Eve sent it back with a long shot countered with another long shot. Back and fourth over the other. With a small shot of Eve, Asami gave a hard bounce that made the tie break. For the first match, Asa Youngheart was declared the winner.
"That style of playing is very pretty," Bob remarked at Eve and Asami with a gentle smile. While Eve, on the other hand, had his head down after his defeat. Ren patted his friend’s back and said, "Don’t worry, I’ll be defeating Kei on the next match. You’ll see." Eve had a small hope in his face and believed that his defeat will not be put to shame.
The next match was Ren versus Kei. Asami was wiping her sweat when she noticed that Kei’s favorite wrist band hasn’t on him. “Say,” Asami said, “Did you saw Kei’s wrist band? His not wearing it right now..” As her best friend said, Kazuki also noticed the same thing.. She replied, “I guess his doesn’t want it to be ruined this time. You do know his clever technique, right?” Asami gave a slight smile.
The first to serve was Ren. He gave a long shot followed by a short shot of Kei. Unfortunately for Kei, he hit the net and gave Ren a score. As the match goes on, both male wizards gave hard shots. Both didn’t want to lose. “Deuce,” the referee, Master Bob, raised. Each participants tried to catch their breathes. They were tired, they wanted to quit the match. But, each knows the consequences once they do so.
"Kei isn’t striking with a smash.. What could he be up to," Kazuki thought puzzled.
Hibiki glanced at the other side where the female players were sitting. He gave a smile after noticing a slight worried face of Kazuki. “Kei Dark,” he began to think, ” An athlete for both badminton and surfing. A hard smasher that gives more energy to his left hand which means he has a weak spot for his right side. It would be best if Ren will be attacking from the left to the right to win this tie breaker. *GASP* But wait! If Ren wins this battle, I’ll have to face..” Hibiki had his head thinking about Kazuki instead. He kept an eye on her. While at the other side, Asami gazed at Eve for a moment. She turned her head to Hibiki. She blinked three times and followed his opponent’s eyes and headed to his friend’s face. “Ahh.. I get it,” Asami sang in a teasing way. Her seatmate wondered what she was singing but instead focused on the match.
"Ren Akatsuki wins," Master Bob declared. Hibiki started to worry.
Kei had a disappointing look on his face. He couldn’t raise his face to his allies. He didn’t wanted them to look down on him just because of losing a match with some womanizers! “Don’t worry, this time, it’s the empress’s era,” Asami whispered to Kei.
Ren, on the other hand, patted Eve for his victory. “See, I told you I’d win this,” he boasted. He was praised by both Ichiya and Eve. Hibiki got his racket and walked to the court. “Oi,” Eve whispered, “Notice the atmosphere around him? Looks depressed.” Ichiya put his head down, “That’s because his knows his going against an empress. Kazuki Silverist, the Grass Court Empress*!” Instead of being shock for the news, Ren and Eve were puzzled. Ichiya then gave a brief explanation, “The Grass Court Empress has her skills sharpen to place the ball anywhere she wishes. She has studied quite well of the court and the necessary amount of energy to use. She is quite a demon for this sport. Hibiki, who is a knowledge type only, may have the information about her, but, the question is, can he match her.” “Then, I should be the one facing her!” Ren said out loud. Eve had to keep him down. “We can no longer change the sequences now that you have won the second match. At any point, the knights still wins,” Ichiya sadly said.
"Winner, Kazuki Silverist," Master’s hand raised to the winner’s side. "That fast!" the TriMens cried out from their side..
"Ah what a world," Hibiki complaint having his knees down. Kazuki, who was looking on to her opponent, went to the other side and gave a hand. "It’s not always about winning, there is always someone better," she tried to cheer her opponent up. Instead of giving his thanks, Hibiki flirted with her. Kei and Asami both appeared in middle and said, "No one is allowed to touch the empress." "Oi, oi, not that title again," Kazuki blushed in embarrassment.
"Ohh~. Looks like we’re going to have something new to the guild this year. Hope they won’t cost that much trouble as the Fairy Tail wizards do," Bob said to himself. Ichiya interrupted Bob’s daydreaming and asked him about the incoming Night Ball next week.. Bob had a brilliant idea..
What could this brilliant idea of Master Bob be? How annoying will it cause the newcomers to their guild? Will there be a conflict? 
Find out on the next chapter - “The Night Ball and My First Dance.” Please look forward to it!
(Notice: The title “Grass Court Empress” is not real! It’s just a make up title I came up with, please don’t be puzzled. Thanks!)
This is the 2nd chapter of the NEW WIZARDS GUILD

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The New Wizards’ New Guild

Blue Pegasus Saga - Fairy Tail Side Story

Year X785, Blue Pegasus gained more and more new members. It was early in the morning when Master Bob had an unusual favor for the TriMens, “Say, would you please fetch our new members in the gym today? They are th

ere waiting for someone to show them the way here. Please be patient with the male wizard, he has quite a mouth.” The TriMens found it very irritating for a new male to enter their guild. They will have a new rival in the girls’ hearts.. But, without arguing with their master, they went to the nearest gym in town.

Inside the gym, they found no wizard in sight.. “Maybe Master Bob got the wrong place,” Ren suggested, “Perhaps we should ask him again. Just to be sure.” They were about to leave when they heard noises.. It was coming from a badminton court! They all cautiously went closer, closer and closer to the badminton court. Hibiki was the one who peeped through a small opening first. When he saw the players, his eyes turned into a shape of a heart. He saw two young maidens, wearing badminton gears, hitting the shuttlecock back and forth over again and again.. As he stares longer, Hibiki notices something odd. He knows that he has seen those faces somewhere but cannot tell whether they are or not the persons he is thinking of! “Oi, oi, shouldn’t it be my turn already,” complained a violet haired guy walking towards his female companions. Finally, Hibiki has confirmed his deduction.. He opened the door, widely, then greeted the wizards, “Glad you meet you, Lunar Knights..”

The three new wizards of Blue Pegasus looked into the door seeing Hibiki, still holding the door knob. “Eh~? So, it’s the Hundred Night. Can’t believe he’s one of the tour guides. Well I can’t complain about that,” remarked the male wizard in the new group. When he looked to his female allies, he saw the TriMens beginning to flirt. “You look so pretty when you were playing,” Hibiki, as usual, started the conversation..”Y-you look beautiful in that gear,” followed by Ren. “Do you want something to eat,” Eve ended. Wondering what is going on, the sky blue braided girl, who is currently surrounded by the TriMens, have nothing to answer. Ren spotted the other female, with deep blue freed hair, standing in front of a green bench, drinking water. He and his friends were about to transfer when they were given a warning by their braided sky blue, female, friend, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you..” Eve, looked back to the first female and was puzzled. He didn’t mind the warning then looked to Hibiki and Ren.. To his surprise, he saw the second female’s body was surrounded by blue thunder shocks. “Kazuki tried to warn you,” Kei, the violet haired wizard remarked, “You see, Asami here hates playboys and womanizers that who ever flirts with her, they might either get fried or grilled.. Believe me, you don’t wanna feel the pain I have felt before..” “I see. So the famous Kei Dark, was once also a womanizer, correct,” guessed Ichiya correctly.

Hibiki snapped his fingers and activated his Archive magic.. “According ton Archive,” he said,”The Lunar Knights are a group of destroyers that are an equal match up to Erza Scarlet and Mystogan of Fairy Tail. Each and everyone of you have their own sob histories, beginning with Kazuki Silverist.. You lost your whole family, in front of your eyes. and when you were 12 years old, year 777, you lost your step father-dragon, Fulminis, the Thunder Dragon. Making you as his disciple, you were taught Thunder Dragon Slayer magic. Asami Youngheart, born in an average rich family and she too lost her family by the age of 4. Wondering on a town, she finds her teacher, Lyla, inside a comfortable home. Year 778, her teacher died because of sudden pain and an illness. Kei Dark, son of a wealthy couple on a beautiful town but, as the experience of both girls, you also lost your loved ones.. It’s just that only your little brother and mother was the ones that died..And-” “Oi,” Kei cut Hibiki, “Mind not continuing, I am really not going to listen to your storytelling any longer..” Hibiki was insulted by Kei in a complete harsh way.. He remembered what Master Bob asked of him to be patient with Kei, and so he did.

Both Kazuki Silverist and Asami Youngheart also doesn’t want to listen to a storytelling of their past, but in respect of being new comers to a guild, they kept quiet in one corner.

"My, my as expected from a rebellious kid in a wealthy family," a voice from above spoke up to itself. Everyone looked up and saw Master Bob in front of the sun. He was flapping his wings back and fourth over again and again. "But I actually expected something more from both and here.. To know that not any of you two would even stop your nakama* from raging it made me feel more disappointment in your group." The Lunar Knights were silent. Hibiki, on the other hand, was making a slight smile behind their backs for a second there. He was quite glad that Kei had a scolding but was upset for the two maidens to have the same punishment. "We saw them playing badminton for a while there," Ren cut the silence, "That was actually pretty good. But, it won’t be a matched up for our skills in badminton." Kazuki, Asami and Kei were hit by what Ren smirked. They wanted to prove their skills but can’t speak a word to their superiors. "Well then how about we find our answers to that remark," Bob declared, "May we have a contest here and out?"

Each and everyone of the wizards’ face were in complete shock! Is master serious! Does he really want us to have a badminton match now? Find out on the next chapter - The Side Match: Badminton Strikers!

(Word meanings: Nakama means friend or ally.. Mostly used in Fairy Tail battles.)

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Lucy’s Little Secret

July 8 , year X777. The young 10 year old , Lucy Heartfilia , running away from home , crying her eyes out. ” Mama! Where are you mama? ” The little blonde screamed.

The young boy , Natsu Dragneel , out in the forest. ” Igneel! Igneel! Ig..neel? ” The pink haired boy yelled out.

The little girl ran all the way to Magnolia.

Pinky ran to Magnolia as well.

Pinky and blondie run into eachother. ” Ow! ” The little girl says. Both Natsu and Lucy are on the floor. Natsu notices her crying. ” A-Are you okay? ” Natsu asks. ” Uh. Yes. ” Lucy replies. Natsu takes out his hand and helps Lucy up. ” Why’re you crying , and why’re you running? ” Natsu asks. Lucy begins to cry even more at the thought of what just happened. ” Ah! Sorry , did I say something mean? ” Natsu yells. ” No. It’s just , my mom , she , well my mom , she…I , mom , she … she died. ” Lucy states. Natsu gasped , then thought of his friend Igneel , who had left him all alone just the day before. ” So , what’s your reason? ” The little girl asked.

' Huh? ” Natsu asked. ” The reason you were running. ” Lucy stated. ” Oh. M-My dad left me yesterday. I mean , he just disappeared. ” Natsu replied. ” Oh. ” Lucy says while looking down at the ground.

” Hey. , Natsu says while wiping the tears from her face , then wiping his hand on his shirt , ” You don’t look that pretty crying. Don’t cry anymore. ” Natsu says looking away from Lucy while blushing.

Lucy blushes. ” Uh.. ” Lucy says embarrassed. ” Anyways , what’s your name. ” Lucy asks. ” Natsu , Natsu Dragneel. ” Natsu says proudly. ” Yours? ” Natsu asks. ” Lucy. ” Lucy says.

There was silence for a minute or so. Then people were walking by , ” Oh , my , gosh. I would kill to be in Fairy Tail. ” One of them said. ” Yeah , it would be awesome. I mean they are the most powerful guild in Fiore. ” The other one stated.

” Fairy Tail Guild. ” Natsu mutters to himself. ” Hey Lucy. Do you use magic? ” Natsu asked. ” Yeah. I’m a celestial wizard. ” Lucy replies. Natsu grins. Natsu then takes Lucy’s hand and runs off. ” Heh. I’m a fire wizard. ” Natsu says. ” Where , where are we going? ” Lucy yells. ” To Fairy Tail! ” Natsu replies.

7 years later. ” Natsu! Natsu! ” Lucy yelled while running into the guild. Natsu turned around and a huge smile appeared on his face. ” Lucy! ” Natsu said while running towards Lucy to indulge in a big hug. ” Glad you’re back , Lucy. ” Natsu said while hugging Lucy. Natsu and Lucy then pull apart.

” Glad to be back. Man was that mission hard. ” Lucy said. Natsu chuckled. Lucy and Natsu go and sit at the bar. ” You’re not hurt anywhere , are you Lucy? ” Mirajane asked her. ” No. I’m fine. ” Lucy said while smiling at her white haired friend. ” Good. ” Mira smiled back.

” So. How was the quest. ” Natsu asked. ” Well. Lisanna was acting a bit like Happy…so that got kinda annoying. Erza fought most of the time , so that was a huge advantage. Oh , and Gray constantly snored when we slept , so I didn’t get any sleep the whole time we were there. ” Lucy stated.

” I should’ve been there! I could’ve fought! ” Natsu smiled. ” Yeah , but then everything would’ve been destroyed. ” Lucy snickered.

Natsu looked at Lucy like she was evil. ” Hey! Flame head! ” Gray yelled while walking into the guild.

” Ahh. It’s Ice boy. ” Natsu sneered. ” What did you just call me. Fire freak. ” Gray hissed. ” Oh nothing. Frozen face. ” Natsu growled. ” There at it again. ” Mira chuckled.

” Yeah. ” Lucy smiled. ” It’s getting annoying , seeing them fight everyday. ” Lisanna stated while getting onto a bar stool. ” Natsu’s so cute when he fights though. ” Lucy says.

Lucy POV

” Oh my gosh. Did I literally just say that? ” I think to myself.

” Huh. ” Mira asks/squeals. ” Do you like Natsu? ” Lisanna asks me fangirling. ” What..Natsu. I-I don’t know. Maybe. ” I said.

” Na , Na , NaLu! ” Lisanna yells excitedly. ” What? ” Natsu says turning away from his fight with Gray looking towards us three.

My face starts to turn scarlet as Natsu starts walking towards us.

” NaLu? ” Natsu asks , ” Is that some kind of food. ” Natsu’s lips start to water.

” Hehe. Oh nothing. ” Mira says. Lisanna facepalms herself. ” Lucy? What is it! Tell me! ” Natsu whined to me.

” Uh. What.. oh Na-NaLu. It’s the collaboration of our names..you know , since Team Natsu and all. ” I say while stuffing my face in my arms so that he won’t know that I’m blushing.

” Oh. ” Natsu said disappointed , I guess he really wanted to eat some food. ” What an idiot he is. ” I think to myself , ” So oblivious ….that idiot. ”

A few days later. Natsu just came back from a quest.

” Heh , heh. ” Natsu laughed awkwardly while scratching the back of his head. ” You big idiot! ’ Lucy yelled at him.

” You got yourself so injured! What am I going to do with you? ” Lucy yelled at Natsu even more.

” I-I’m sorry. ” Natsu apologized afraid that Lucy was gonna hurt him even more then he already was.

” Calm down. Just go lay on my bed. I’ll go get the First Aid kit. ” Lucy said while patting Natsu’s head.

” U-Uh okay. ” Natsu said while turning towards Lucy’s bed. Natsu then let out a sigh of relieve while plopping onto Lucy’s bed.

Lucy came back a few minutes later. ” Natsu. Take off your shirt. ” Lucy said not even realizing how embarrassing that sounded.

” What? ” Natsu asked. ” Idiot. I needa clean your wounds one way or another. ” Lucy stated angrily.

” Oh. ” Natsu replied. Natsu got up from laying on Lucy’s bed. He then took off his shirt.

Lucy finally realizing that he was actually ” Stripping ” , or so she referred it to , in her house.

She blushed at the sight of him not having a shirt on at all. ” W-Why am I blushing. He wears an open shirt all the time. It’s not like I haven’t seen his abs before. ” Lucy thought to herself.

” Lucy. ” Natsu said snapping his fingers in her face. ” O-Oh. ” Lucy snapped out of her thought.

Lucy then took the disinfectant and cleaned out Natsu wounds. ” Hey , Lucy. You look kinda cute when you’re working this hard. ” Natsu stated with a grin.

Lucy blushed even harder than she was before. ” Sh-Shut up. ” Lucy said weakly , as to she actually liked that comment.

Natsu’s grin got even wider. Lucy began to wrap Natsu in bandages. Lucy loved feeling of Natsu’s warmth right beside her.

She loved every minute she got to be so close to Natsu. ” Lucy. Do you think I’m gay? ” Natsu asked his friend. ” What! ” Lucy yelled throwing the bandages out of her hand.

” No! And why would you ask that? ” Lucy screamed. ” Because I have pink hair! ” Natsu yelled.

” …. , Why would you even ask such a question… ” Lucy asked. ” B-Because. I … wanted to ask you something. ” Natsu said nervously.

” What? ” Lucy asked. Natsu blushed a bit. ” Well.. ” Natsu said. Then Natsu cupped Lucy’s chin.

He pulled her in closer to him. Their lips met. Lucy blushed harder , while Natsu just pulled her in even more.

After a few minutes :3 They pulled away. ” Huh.. ” Lucy said while her eyes got wider. ” Heh. ” Natsu laughed.

” So , I’m staying at your place tonight? ” Natsu said while flinging his arm around Lucy’s neck.

vy: I know it was short. But I’m not that good of a story writer. Anways , that’s the end of ther story.

Me: It was made by an admin in our page :D

The Untitled Mission [[P2]]

Natsu and Gray were looking at Lucy… Trying not to laugh while Happy who can’t control himself started the conversation.. “Say Lucy..” Happy stated “Why are you so nervous” he said.. “Bfff” Natsu laughed “Bwahahahaha!” he laughed again “Can’t you stop laughing! I’m in the middle of calming myself!” said Lucy irritatedly “Well cant you stop bein’ a coward bwahahaha..” replied Natsu. “Lucy your with me and Natsu there is nothing to worry about.” said Gray to enter the conversation “How can you say such things? The requester herself said that 10 teams were completely beaten up by the last monster” said Lucy almost going to cry “And Lucy… What’s with the face?” said Happy trying to irritate Lucy “S-Shut up! This is n-no time for you to piss me off.. I knew this would happen! I knew it I knew it, I shoudn’t have come with you!! I’m an idiot idiot” said Lucy blaming herself “Geez, your so loud!” said Gray “I’m an idiot idiot idooooooo—” Lucy stopped walking when she stopped talking her knees where shaking as if she was controlled and wants to move her, she felt the era of a very demonic atmosphere “Why did you stop?” Natsu stated “I-infront” Lucy pointed her finger to a very weird creature while saying her word.

"Kyaaaaaaa!" Lucy screamed as if she is an innocent little girl that has no magic. She ran but Gray pulled her back to her spot " Listen, this is no time for you to think that your a weakling!" stated Natsu, Lucy blushed "N-Natsu" said Lucy "What do you think will happen to me and Happy whithout your house!?!" Natsu said "So you were thinking about my rent from the very start huh?" stated Lucy. "Fine!" Lucy said after that word Natsu in the front turned his back to Lucy "And dont worry, I’ll protect you" He grined.. "Enough with the talkin’ we’aint goin’ to finish this thing if you’ll just talk there!!" said Gray not showing what he really felt when Natsu said his words "I’m the one who should say that to her, Natsu you bastard!" thought Gray to himself.. 

(Natsu Team’s attacks)
Natsu: Alrightie!! Let’s go Happy!
Happy: Aye Sir! Max Speed!
Natsu: Iron Fist of the Fire Dragon!
Gray: Ice make Lance!
Lucy: Alright my turn! 
         Gate of the Archer, I open thee, Sagitarruis! 
Sagt: Hello! Moshimoshi.
Lucy: Would you please?
Sagt. attacked with his bows. After sagt’s attacks the monster was completely beaten up

"Good work Lucy!" said Gray smilling "Thank you!" replied Lucy. 

What will happen to the team in Mt. Kikenna? Wait for the next part of this fan fiction. Who do you think will save Lucy? Is it Natsu the one who stated that she would protect Lucy or the one quiet for the whole time Gray?

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The Untitled Mission [[P1]]

Natsu was staring at the request board.

Now that the City of Fiore knew that Natsu and the others are back, the request book was back to it’s usual self (full of many requests).

One request caught Natsu’s eye the request says that “Dont go if you are not STRONG enough, 50 victorious monsters should be completely defeated.” the prize is 500,000 jewel and 4 silver keys. Natsu’s eyes started to roll “50 monsters!!” shouted Natsu excitedly, “man this is so challenging… Happy come let’s show this to the rest!” said Natsu energetically ” Aye!” answered Happy.

Lucy was eating peacefully until Natsu came. “Lucy!” shouted Natsu with Gray, “Natsu! What job did you picked?” asked Lucy, Natsu handed the paper to Lucy.. “The heck! You expect me to defeat them?” said Lucy “Well you have me and Natsu, there’s nothing to worry..” said Gray “Well fine, but where’s Erza?” asked Lucy “Erza is not coming, master ordered her to go to a S-class mission.” answered Mirajane “Oh is that so Mira-san?” said Lucy “Well there’s nothing to worry y’know?” said Natsu with an annoying voice “Alright alright, I’ll come with you!” said Lucy who is pissed off.

When the team left, Macao started the conversation.
Macao: Poor Lucy..
Wakaba: Well our Natsu became more lively on missions because of Lucy, we might not know that the two of them will be the perfect couples..
Mirajane: Well their cute couples though I’m worrying about Lisanna.
Macao: Now that you’ve mentioned it, where’s Lisanna?
Mirajane: Well she—
Wakaba: Don’t tell me she picked the job near Natsu’s?
Mirajane smiled with the yes face.

Back to the team, they went to the requester, her name was Alliana she explained many things she said that their work was in Mt. Kikenna and it would take them days to finish their job, she told them that they should spend their night in the cave that is shaped like a face.

Well this is fanfiction is by me, sorry if this is kind of amateur..

"All I need is the power to be able to protect my comrades. So long as I can have the strength to do that, I don’t care if I’m weaker than everyone in the world."
— Erza Scarlet to Azuma
"What I want isn’t money, pretty dresses, or fortune forced upon me. I’m not Lucky Lucy of Heartfilia anymore! Fairy Tail recognizes me as just Lucy and my other family, it’s a far more loving family than this!"
— Lucy Heartfilia to her Father
"I am not alone. I can hear them… I can hear everyone’s voices… I can sense everyone’s feelings… I am not alone… Everyone’s feelings… They support me… They are what give me the will to stand and fight!"
— Natsu Dragneel to Zero
"Sorry, but it doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or even a child. I don’t go easy on anybody who hurts my comrades"
— Gray Fullbuster to Juvia Lockser

Element Dragon Slayer

(Lucy’s POV)

I can’t believe two years have passed since the last time I saw everyone and two years since I met Electra the Element Dragon and two years since I was kicked out of Team Natsu.


I sat at the bar watching everyone else having fun and partying since Lisanna returned “from the dead” as Natsu put it. Mirajane noticed this. “Lucy are you okay you seem down?” Mirajane asked me “No it’s just I keep being ignored by everyone since Lisanna returned and the team no longer wants to go on missions with me and they always go with Lisanna, you don’t think I was just a replacement for Lisanna do you?” I ask as I let out a sigh I didn’t know I was holding in, I looked over to the pink haired idiot that I loved he had his arm around Lisanna talking with Gray and Erza about something, I was so engrossed with my thoughts I never really heard the answer I received from Mirajane. I saw Natsu and the other walking up to me so I sat up straight and stopped thinking for a moment. “Hey Luce?” Natsu asked “yeah Natsu?” I replied, “well… we were thinking maybe we should have Lisanna on the team instead of you” at that moment my heart shattered into millions of tiny pieces, Erza spoke next “you see Lucy you could train and get stronger and also your always complaining about never having money to pay your rent” Gray nodded in agreement. I sighed and thought to myself “I knew this would happen” however I just raised my head and smiled “okay im sure you’ll make a fantastic team without me” I said whispering the last two words. Natsu grinned his trademark grin and ran off to Lisanna hugging her. I looked at Mirajane and smiled “hey Mira do you know where master is?” I asked, she replied with a nod and pointed to his office.

I stood up and made my way to masters office and knocked on the door once I heard “come in” I entered the room. Master looked at me and asked “Oh hello Lucy what brings you here?” I looked down with my bangs covering my face “I-I would like you to erase my guild stamp so I can leave the guild” I said looking up “why do you want to leave the guild my child?” he asked sadly but I just replied with a “because I have been ignored and I’m just a mere replacement for Lisanna and I have been kicked off my team also, so please im begging you let me leave the guild to become stronger please” Master nodded and took my hand a said some words and a golden glow engulfed my hand, I took my hand back and looked at it no mark “when you return my child the mark shall appear again” master said and I nodded and left his office. I ran out of the guild with icy cold tears stinging my eyes I ran with the tears flowing down my face like a river, I didn’t stop running till I reached a forest. I ran to the closest tree and slid down the trunk off it, rain started to fall and mixed with my tears, I heard a noise “w-who’s t-there?” I asked fright could easily be shown in my voice. I looked around and my eyes widened as I saw the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. She has shining red scales on her wings and glimmering ocean blue eyes with a sun like yellow tail. She has mud like brown legs and a snow like white back. “My dead don’t be afraid I am the one and only Electra I am the element dragon. Do you mind telling me why you’re here?” The dragon called Electra asked “W-well I was.

kicked out my team and I just left my guild to become stronger” I replied still a little frightened “Ah how about I train you it will take two years though and you will become the stronger dragon slayer The Element Dragon Slayer” my eyes widened as soon as she said that and I nodded my head vigorously in excitement I was going to become stronger then Natsu maybe even Erza at that fact I can’t wait

(Flashback ended)

So now I’m back stronger than ever they better watch out, they can’t hurt me ever again

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